About Us

Flourishing since 2001, the Delaware County Trial Lawyers Association (DCTLA) is a non-profit organization based in Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

DCTLA is a professional association composed of civil trial attorneys who seek justice for their clients with determination, diligence, and ethical responsibility, and who vigorously promote civil rights and liberties, such as the precious right to jury trial, for all.

To continually educate its members, DCTLA provides a monthly luncheon lecture featuring a stimulating guest speaker. Past guest speakers include jury psychologists, vocational/economic experts, neuropsychologists, courtroom technology experts, court reporting firms, and public relations/marketing specialists.

Perhaps DCTLA’s most valuable asset is its confidential List Server.  Members use the List Server to confidentially learn about, explore and discuss a wide range of issues relating to civil justice. Topics include:

  • Information about expert witnesses
  • Information about opposing counsel
  • Information about trial judges’ practices and procedures
  • Recent settlements and verdicts
  • Recent developments in the law
  • Courtroom strategies and tactics

Benefits of DCTLA membership include:

  • Exclusive access to the DCTLA List Server
  • Exclusive access to monthly luncheon lecture
  • Professional networking
  • Exclusive access to discounted rates and special programs from preferred DCTLA vendors
  • Listing in DCTLA’s electronic Membership Directory